The monster mask

Halloween costumes that include face masks


Photo by Peyton Sims

Senior Tatum Haugh poses in her leopard Halloween costume. Having to wear face masks hasn’t stopped people from creativity dressing up.

Story by Reese Langdon, staff writer

2020 has been filled with many tricks and not that many treats. With that being said, do not miss out on this annual opportunity to fill that plastic pumpkin that sits in a cabinet for 364 days with treats to sweeten up this year. One trick that will be faced this year is the worry of going from door to door during a pandemic. The CDC labels participating in traditional trick-or-treating as a high risk Halloween activity. 

It is very important to wear a mask while participating in the Oct. 31 festivities. Finding a Halloween costume that is both stylish and safe should be the least of your problems this year. Scream masks. Purge masks. Freddy Kruger masks. Chucky masks. Jason masks. Or any other obvious choices for the basic, scary masks commonly worn every year will get the job done while also being easy to find in almost every Halloween or online store.

-plain face mask
-acrylic paint
-paint brushes
-matching clothing items


Animal print masks

Animal print masks can be found almost anywhere or can easily be made at home. All you need is a plain, neutral color mask and some paint to create an animal print on the mask. If you don’t have the time to set aside and make a mask yourself, they can easily be purchased online. Match it with a shirt that has the same print, and you’re done

Cher from “Clueless”

Even Cher’s iconic yellow and black plaid skirt has a matching mask. Both of these pieces can be found online at Amazon. The mask can be styled with a plain white tee, a plaid skirt and would be a cute and safe costume.


Superhero masks

One of the top five costumes for children each year is a superhero. Whether it is Superman’s diamond “S” or Wonder Woman’s golden “W,” Etsy has every superhero’s logo on a mask to make an easy Halloween costume to piece together and follow CDC recommendations. 

Regina George

On Halloween, we wear pink. Regina George has many masks with her infamous slogans like “She doesn’t even go here.” These masks styled with as much pink as you can possibly wear would be a great costume to resemble Regina George. 

Dead doctor

If you’re determined to rock a horror costume this year, you can still pull it off within the COVID-19 protocols. All you need is one of the classic blue surgical masks, a pair of doctor or nurse slacks and a bit of fake blood to spice it up. The vibe for this look is an eerie, deceased doctor who looks like they never went home from the night shift. 

Halloween theme

If you are not into any of these simple and cute costumes but you still want to be in the Halloween spirit, there are simpler masks with little pumpkins, skeletons and witch hats. These festive masks are the easiest way to incorporate Halloween into any basic outfit you want to wear on Halloween. 

Disney character

Disney has masks that look like the bottom half of your favorite Marvel, Star Wars and Disney characters’ faces. Any Target, Walmart or online store has graphic t-shirts with characters like Mickey Mouse, Captain America and Darth Vador along with many more that would match these masks.

While this Halloween will certainly be far from ordinary, there’s no restrictions against not dressing up– as long as the costume includes a face covering, of course. If none of the numerous mask options meet your expectations, just get an inflatable dino suit for trick-or-treating this year to act as your own festive hazmat suit. We’ve had enough tricks this year, it’s time we get down to the treats.