A quarantined Halloween

How teens celebrated Halloween in a pandemic


Photo by Peyton Sims

A group of friends gathers in an old barn to watch a classic horror film on a projector. This year, teenagers celebrated Halloween in numerous creative ways due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Story by Emma Allen , staff writer

Everything has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, from school to shopping. Now, amid the holiday season, people still want to be able to celebrate during this hectic year. Even with the added restrictions, the Halloween classic was still an option for some— trick-or-treating.

“I just had a costume that included a mask,” junior Dane Bullock said. “I think that there were a bit more steps that went into [celebrating Halloween] this year, but I don’t think that it should be completely prevented because of [COVID-19].”

Not everybody stayed as safe as Bullock’s group. Many people treated this Halloween like any other.

“Almost no [trick-or-treaters] wore masks,” sophomore Luke Dupas said. “Most people that were passing out [candy] were adults that were actually wearing masks. [There were] some eldery people who had those little sheets of clear plastic on their door.”

Another common idea this year was small get-togethers. Though there were probably larger parties, many people stuck to modest sizes to stay safe, and the parties were still just as fun. 

“We all wore masks, and we tried to stay as distanced as possible,” senior Zane Johnston said. “We stayed outside for pretty much all of it. It really wasn’t that much different from usual, but with masks and farther away. You really couldn’t tell much of a difference.” 

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to celebrate Halloween how they would have liked to because, despite the way the world is slowly adapting, the virus is still a very real concern.

“Since I was in quarantine, it prevented me from making any sort of plans with friends, as I have to protect myself and others,” senior Katarina Jordan said. “I ultimately just had a night in. I made cookies and watched “The Addams Family” with my mom and dad.”

As we begin this holiday season with the constant companion of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are shifting their celebrations to keep themselves and others safe. Not everyone will stay in small, distanced, masked groups, but if you decide to get together with your friends in the coming months, perhaps you will take inspiration from the celebrations people have already had.