King vs. God

Early predictions for how the movie Godzilla vs King Kong will go

Story by Logan Diggs , managing editor

Teeth grind as an abnormally large gorilla punches a monstrous lizard in the face, nails are bitten as the lizard breathes fire, and white knuckles grip pocketbooks as those who wagered watch intently; Who will be victorious in the battle of the beast? King Kong vs Godzilla has been a battle for ages and will soon make a reappearance on March 25th in theaters. Considering the movie is one of few major works coming to theaters soon due to COVID-19, the movie is highly anticipated. 

The recently released trailer for the film has sparked speculation over how the movie is to play out. Along with the speculation, fans are highly anticipating the movie because of the extreme production value of the feature. Although the film’s story itself isn’t new and the two beasts have battled before in the past, the visuals in this upcoming movie will be comparable to no other.  

“Let’s be realistic here monkeys are superior to lizards. King Kong is no doubt going to win because of the plot we were given in the trailer,” senior Evan Crawford said. “It seems like the plot will favor King Kong because he has a human friend. If I’m wrong I’m losing $20.”

Others believe that the movie will head in a different direction due to revenue and future profit that could be made off both of the big names featured in the movie. 

“In my opinion I think it will be a plot twist like Batman vs Superman where Kong and Godzilla team up to fight a bigger problem, because in the trailer my friend pointed out mecha Godzilla schematics and plot holes here and there, but we’ll just have to find out when it comes out,” senior Xander Cabanayan said. 

As time ticks down until the release of the movie, excitement builds, bringing joy to those during such a rough beginning to a year. 

“I don’t think either of them are going to win. I think one is going to kill the other however after one of them dies I think the last one standing will be weak and get killed by the humans,” senior John Cass said. “I think the humans are going to completely box one of them like a fish and the movies going to be sad for all those watching.”