Mental health diaries

Activities to help with mental health


Photo by Allyson Smith


Story by Makenzie Hofert, staff writer

Many people struggle with different aspects of mental health and everybody deals with it a completely different way. Here are a week’s worth of ways to keep things off your mind or to simply give yourself a positive outlook. 

Day 1 

Nature tends to block the mind of all things negative. It is known to reduce both stress and anger and also helps improve your overall mood, according to Mind. Go for a walk or do anything that requires a little bit of action. It’s good to be physically healthy. 

Day 2

Hobbies are the ultimate brain blocker. Try something you have never gotten to experience before, you may find something you enjoy. A great example would be crotchet if you aren’t in an active mood or maybe disc golf if you want to be more active. Both require practice and could potentially make you feel even the slightest bit better that day, and if not, at least you got up and did something productive.

Day 3

What needs to get done? Spend the day prioritizing. Maybe you need a new music playlist or maybe your room needs to be picked up. Either way, do something you have been meaning to do but have been putting off. Once it’s done, you will feel accomplished and it may have even brightened up your mood.

Day 4

Spend the day doing what you enjoy most whether that is laying in bed and watching movies or taking a hike. Doing things you want to do tends to boost your mood.

Day 5

Let it all out. Write everything you are thinking and feeling so you can remember. Letting your thoughts out whether on paper or out loud can make you feel like you can take the next step and may even help you open up to yourself a little more.

Day 6

Spend time with your family and friends — they love you. Spend the day around the ones you love and the ones who love you to have more of a positive mindset. Being around these people will give a sense of empathy and validation, says Nami. 

Day 7

Use art as an outlet to express yourself. Go paint in the sun or draw: whatever it is you enjoy most in the concept of art. Art is an amazing way to let everything that you’re feeling be spat out for your eyes to see. Embrace your mind.