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Makenzie Hofert is a second year staff writer who thrives on writing. She is an introverted extrovert that comes off as shy at first but tends to “loosen up.” She is invested in sciences and plans to pursue that interest in college. She is the epitome of indecisiveness and asks more questions than can be put into words so she has an exact plan mapped out, just a side effect of her extreme idea that everything has to be perfect, obviously a virgo. She enjoys playing the guitar, writing and nature and has even recently started studying multiple aspects of astrology. Any form of art is her “escape route” from reality because she hates living in between the lines of what is socially acceptable and what is socially frowned upon. She is quite literally obsessed with her cat, Kleo, as she considers her the “therapist” of her life and her favorite being in one. You’ll probably find her with her friends or with her cat at any time of the day, probably painting or doing something artsy outside while watching the sky and all of her surroundings change simultaneously.

Makenzie Hofert, staff writer

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Makenzie Hofert