A viral sensation

Let pug determine fate of your day

A viral sensation

Photo by Allyson Smith

Story by Gracie Tucker, Staff Writer

Today is a bones day.

If you are not a TikTok addict you might not know about the pug named Noodle ruling the screen. Take a minute and visualize a 13-year-old pug. Of course, the pug has some age- related problems, which is the foundation for the bones or no bones day thought.

Everyday Noodle and his owner, Jonathan Graziano, pose themselves in front of the camera, Noodle in his dog bed. Graziano lifts Noodle to the standing position. If Noodle remains standing, using his bones, then you will have a great day. However, if he topples to the side, appearing to lack bones, then you will have a relaxing day.

Now who in their right mind would let their day be decided by an old pug? Yet, it is just the opposite for myself and many others. Every day many people scroll through their TikTok For You page to see Noodles’ decision, and in turn, their daily vibe.

Graziano let it be known that if Noodle doesn’t stand up, your day will simply be a self-care day. A day to stay in your pajamas, snuggle up with a good book, and wear a face mask. A day to forget about your to-do list and to just focus on your mental and physical health.

However, it’s just the opposite if Noodle stands up; your day will be great and productive. Everything you’ve been pushing to the side or forgetting about will get finished. The day will be as productive as Christmas shoppers on Black Friday, with no time for laziness.

The fun of letting Noodle, the pug, decide how your day will go is one less decision to be made. Whatever Noodle decides goes, giving your life a thrill of anticipation. This is always a good thing because who likes doing the same thing everyday?

Everyone at some point needs a bones or no bones day to revive and rejuvenate, to either rest or be productive. Do it just once, allow Noodle to decide. You won’t regret it.