Top 10 Halloween movies


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Story by Gracie Tucker, Culture Editor

Halloween is just around the corner, and below are 10 of the best Halloween movies. The type of movies that have you wanting to curl up on the couch, with a blanket.


Hocus Pocus 

The Sanderson sisters are some of the most popular Halloween characters, and rightfully so. The movie follows a teenage boy, Max Dennison who while trying to impress a girl, wakes up three crazy witch sisters. While the kids are tracked down by the sisters, adventures are embarked on throughout the storyline. Definitely, a must-watch!


Mean Girls

Not technically a scary movie, but the Halloween scene is truly one of the most iconic scenes of cinematic history. When Cady Heron dresses up in a psycho wedding dress costume and realizes Regina George is a terrible person, changes the storyline of the whole movie.


Halloween Town

Marnie is a witch, and her mother has kept it a secret for years. However when her grandmother comes to visit one Halloween, and Marnie catches the bus back to her home town everything changes.


A family classic, of adults that fight ghosts. New York has to be saved from the other dimension, and the paranormal scientists have to take charge. The soundtrack is one of the most popular in the world to this day.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington is tired of scaring people, so he stumbles into a new town. Full of color and Jack plans to kidnap Santa Claus and take over the role. However, that might not be what happens.


Micheal Myers killed his sister and fled the town. Then he came back to the town to terrorize his next victims. The series is on the 17th film, and more keep coming.



A movie with a scary killer clown who terrorizes a friend group known as  “The Losers’ Club.” The scary clown returns every 27 years to attack the friend group, who in return has to fight off Pennywise.


Halloweentown ll:Kalabar’s Revenge

The sequel to Halloweentown follows new witch Marnie and her struggles with balancing a normal life with a supernatural one. When fake love stands in the way of safety for the spiritual Halloweentown what will Marnie do?

Halloweentown High

The second sequel to Halloweentown shows Marnie and her initiative to incorporate Halloweentown children into the normal world. The trials she has to overcome to prove that everyone can live in harmony will make you sit on the edge of your seat.


Return to Halloweentown

The third sequel to Halloweentown is the last time we see Marnie and her family while she is in college. With Marnie’s new adventure she meets people who are not so friendly. Watch to see what happens when some people don’t like you.