The ‘Spare’ laid his life bare

A look into Prince Harry’s memoir


Photo by Anna Bell Lee

Prince Harry has released his new memoir “Spare,” detailing his life in the royal family. He shares about the good and the bad.

Story by Gracie Tucker, Culture Editor

On Jan. 10, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, in my opinion waved goodbye to ever returning to the royal family. The day is significant because Prince Harry released a memoir about his life called “Spare.”

For the past week I read the book “Spare,” and since I am such a big hater of spoilers, I have chosen not to release any about the book. To just preface, I want to discuss some feelings I had throughout the book.

As a huge lover of all things having to do with Princess Diana, I loved the fact he dedicated the book to his mother as well as his wife and children. I thought that action was very sentimental because throughout the book it confirms over and over how much Harry loved his mother.

With the book becoming a focal point on TikTok for a period of time, I was expecting the memoir to be a tad bit extra in the detail of his emotions; however, I found the details to be heartbreaking. The fact that for so long Harry believed his mother to still be alive, well into his adult years, really pulled at my heartstrings. 

I know you are probably thinking, did she not preface the story with the fact no spoilers would be revealed. Yes, I did, but this spoiler just needed to be spoken about because I truly can’t imagine how Harry felt throughout that time of mourning. Especially with paparazzi during that time trying to write their own story about Diana’s death.

Some sections of the book I believe were unnecessary, but I had to remember this is a book about his life. Yet, some details should stay in the dark because for those chunks I was screaming TMI (too much information). 

If I would have to give the book a rating one out of 10 I would have to say a six. Would I read the book again, no I would not. This is just my belief, but go to a store near you today and purchase “Spare” by Prince Harry.