‘A line of beauty’

Met Gala top 8 outfits



Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld attend the British Fashion Awards 2015 at London Coliseum on Nov. 23, 2015, in London. Lagerfeld was one of many inspirations for the 2023 Met Gala. (Anthony Harvey/Getty Images/TNS)

Story by Gracie Tucker, Culture Editor

“Fashion’s biggest night out,” was held May 1, 2023 in New York, and the outfits did not disappoint. The top eight jaw-dropping outfits to be are listed below–jaw-dropping may be positive or negative. In no particular order of likeness, here they are.

1. Emma Chamberlain

The outfit gave 2019 Emma vibes, and I am here for it. The baby blue looked so good on her skin tone, and the blue eye makeup helped even more. I think we all missed her long hair, and I would rate the outfit a solid 9/10. The reason it’s not a perfect ten is because I would have loved to see a different colored belt instead of the same baby blue belt.

2. Emily Ratajkowski

Personal feelings aside, (and by that I mean ignoring the fact she is dating Harry Styles) her outfit gave what it needed to. Emily wore a meshy, low-cut dress and a flowy see-through bottom. The outfit was simple, but surprisingly still felt like a good Met Gala outfit. I would rate the outfit an 8/10, and it’s not a 10 because she could have had a better hair-do. 

3. Ice Spice

The outfit felt simple for the Met Gala, but it was so clean. I loved it. The white dress with the long train looked great with her hairstyle. The paparazzi got a photo of Ice Spice holding a tiny camera, and I loved it a ton. I would rate this outfit a 9/10 and not a perfect 10 because I wish she had some color to make the outfit pop.

4. Suki Waterhouse

Simple, but elegant. The floral dress was beautiful; however, I believe with it being the Met Gala, it was a little too plain. I would have to rate her outfit a 7/10 because although it was beautiful, I wish it had a little more of a wow factor.

5. Jared Leto

A cat. He wore a cat outfit. The symbolism was that Karl Lagerfeld always would have his cat with him, so that is why Jared wore the costume. It was crazy but in a way so much like Jared; he always wears crazy outfits. I would rate the outfit a 2/10 because wearing a cat outfit to such a prestigious event is just a big no to me.

6. Olivia Rodrigo

The black and white tight-fitting dress was beautiful. The outfit looked like ropes going up and down the dress, and it worked. The hairstyle her hairstylist chose was so cute, the bangs were super cute. I would rate the outfit a 10/10 because I loved it so much. The simple detail with the flowers made it a perfect outfit.

7. Yung Miami

Yung Miami’s outfit was a 10/10, just perfect! The tulle, the beads, the feather material at the top and the see-through pants all helped make the outfit a 10. I have no idea who Yung Miami is, but the outfit put her on the radar of great outfits! Some people tried to use the beads in their outfits, having it not look good, but Yung Miami used the beads well.

8. Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh has a shaved head, woah. The dress was a 10/10, but when Florence added the headpiece, it took the outfit down to a seven. It could have been cute if she just left it with a cute hairstyle, not adding feathers sticking up.