The new King and Queen reign

Coronation of Charles III and his wife Camilla


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Story by Gracie Tucker, Culture Editor

On Sat.May 6, 2023 at Westminster Abbey in London, the coronation of the newly crowned King and Queen of England took place. The event had a lot of side notes not relating to the event and that is what everyone is talking about.

To catch up anyone who has no idea, in January of 2020 Prince Harry Duke of Sussex left the royal family scene. Harry and his wife Meghan now live a calm lifestyle in California with their two children. 

With Harry leaving the family behind, that left some family members upset, and on top of leaving when Harry released his book “Spare”, the upset became far worse. Attending the coronation was the first time Harry had seen his family after the book was released.

The royal family balcony was short a family member because Harry was not invited to sit with them; instead, he sat alone on the third row. Prince William kept his distance from his brother, not talking to him at all. In pictures, the Duke of Sussex seemed to be the odd man out at his fathers coronation.

In terms of entertainment, singer Katy Perry performed at the coronation. Perry took selfies with fans and almost fell. Paparazzi caught photos of the singer in the pink outfit about to bust it at the coronation. Almost falling helped add comedic relief to the serious day.

On a more serious note, organized by anti-monarchy reform group Republic, a protest took place on the same day of the coronation. Signs wrote “Not my king,” and protestors were chanting the same phrase. 

The protestors wore yellow shirts, as they claimed to peacefully protest against the British monarchy. The police made 52 arrests though, so peaceful might not be the entire truth. However, the protest is everywhere on social media, no doubt that the message made it where the protestors wanted it to go.

Overall, what a wild day. If you want to see any of the proof of the aforementioned text just look at any social media platform. There will most definitely be video proof.