Former freshmen offer advice

Story by Autumn Sehy, Staff Writer

Freshman year can be the most intimidating year for students. The transition from a pod in middle school to having more responsibility and freedom in high school is a challenging one. There’s new people, including scary upperclassmen, as well as several clubs and sports to join. Former freshman provide tips on how to survive freshman year.

1 Make friends with upperclassmen.
When you get to know upperclassmen they can help you succeed. They can support you if you feel intimidated, you can get rides, and they can tell you anything you need to know. Other upperclassmen can help, but seniors have been at the school the longest, and are able to tell you the most.

2 Plan bathroom breaks.

Seven minutes is enough time to get from class to class and get situated, but is generally not enough time to go to the bathroom. Between classes there are often lines to use the restroom, as well as overly crowded halls, so think ahead. Use the bathroom before school starts, and during lunch.

3 Be careful with your cell phone.

It costs $15 to get your phone back. Many teachers feel disrespected when students focus more on their phones than the lesson.

4 Join a sport.
Being involved in a sport can help you make friends with upperclassmen and people in your grade. “The swim team was a big family and I got along with everyone,” sophomore Amy McCoy said.

5 Avoid drama.
Staying out of drama makes the year go by smoother. You’ll need to figure out who to hang out with and who you can trust. “Freshman year was not difficult,” sophomore Haley O’Neal said. “I stayed out of drama and focused on what was important.”

6 Don’t wear heels that are too high.
High heels not only make your feet hurt by the end of the day, they can also be dangerous. “I fell down the stairs of the math and science building,” O’Neal said. “My hip was bruised for a while. It really hurt.”