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Man of many talents

Not many can boast having participated in just about every sport known to man. Senior David Thompson is an exception.

“Everything I do I play every position,” Thompson said. “I just like sports.”

Talents ranging from basketball and soccer to dance and ping pong have kept Thompson’s interest in sports diverse. However, despite his varied ability in sports, baseball has always been Thompson’s favorite. It has evolved into more than just a sport, it is a way of life.

“I’ve just always been good at [baseball],” Thompson said. “I’ve done it for 12 years and I always start. It’s something I’ve done almost all my life.”

Despite Thompson’s love for sports, after transferring to Texas High from Pineville, La., his junior year, he has not had the opportunity to participate in sports here.

“When I transferred, it was the second semester,” Thompson said. “There had already been tryouts for all the sports I wanted to do, and senior year, I wanted to focus primarily on education. I miss everything about [playing sports].”

Although Thompson isn’t running bases, he boasts excellent cooking skills and musical talents, a rare combination. Boudain, a Louisiana dish consisting of sausage with dirty rice and “heavenly bits” in the middle, as referred to by Thompson, is his favorite to cook. As for music, guitar is his specialty.

“Playing guitar is a way to easily express myself,” Thompson said. “I was in a band back in my old town, Pineville. I love being able to tie words to music that people want to listen to.”

Thompson’s musical inclinations have opened up more opportunities than just writing and playing music though. He even received the chance to preform with widely popular band, Hawk Nelson.

“One of the band members of Hawk Nelson knew my best friend’s brother. We were talking and they asked me if I knew any of the songs,” Thompson said. “I said [I did] and we had a two and a half hour practice, then i got to play in their concert. I just didn’t have to hold anything back. It was so fun.”

Thompson’s love of music also translates to the theater where he is an active member of Little Theatre Club. Although he is opposed to the required hair cut for the role, Thompson is delighted with his starring role of Link Larkin in the upcoming musical production of Hairspray.

“I am going to try to live up to Zac Effron,” Thompson said. “I get to dance and sing songs I like to sing. I’m stoked.”

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The School Newspaper of Texas High School
Man of many talents