Third-graders share meaning of Valentine’s

Story by Brianna Sellers

When it comes to the meaning of Valentine’s Day, younger kids often have different views. These third-graders from Morriss Elementary School share their ideas on what Valentine’s Day means (spelling errors have not been corrected).

• “I think Valentine’s Day is a day to be loving to your to your girlfriend or someone you love.”

• “What Valentine’s Day means to me is giving really nice stuff for your friends and family that’s from the heart that’s really thoughtful and sweet and being kind to everybody that you know.”

• “Valentine’s Day is not about getting getting chocolate treats. It’s about knowing that everybody loves you and respects you. It’s also about making sure people know that you love and respect them too. :)”

• “I think Valentines is a time to express your love for friends and family. Valentines Day does not need presents or violence, it needs a hug or a kiss to the ones you know and love for. The Day the world is decorated in hearts, pink and red. A day when relative reunite for a dinner and blessing for happiness and care for families worldwide. Even pets get tasty treats and leftovers from dinner to show that you care and love them. Happy Valentines Day.”

• “Cupid day and spend time our family and celebrate cupid.”

• “I think Valentines Day is about love, your soul, who you love, a chance at love, some gifts, roses, chocolates, and honesty.”

• “Valentines Day is about giving peace to good, awesome boys.”

• “Valentine’s Day is about celebrating when Jesus rose from the dead.”

• “I think candy is the best part.”

• “I think Valentine’s Day is about family and love. Valentines means that your supposed to get together with your family have fun and share love.”