Q and A with one of the ‘big dogs’

Q and A with one of the big dogs

Photo by unknown

Story by Casey Hitchcock, Staff Writer

She hears the bustle and rustle of all the students in the hallway. She hurries down the corridor to get to her next class, and can’t help but hear the excitement from the other seniors around her. Rachel Boldebuck is a Texas High student in the prime of her high school years. Of course, she has some interesting thoughts on the complexities of senior year.

What is your favorite thing about Texas High?

All the different choices for elective classes.

Least favorite?
The size. There are too many students here.

What electives are you involved in?
Theater production because I like building the sets for the plays more than being in the plays.

Which year of high school is the best?
Senior year. I like that we get to go to prom, and seniors are like the “big dogs.”

Which year is the easiest?
I don’t think any year is the easiest. They’re all different. There are always things you have to do. You have to make good grades, and depending on what classes you take, it can be really hard.

Do you think it’s important to be involved in senior activities like pep rallies or games?

It can be a good thing to be involved, but I’m not so much. They can make you energetic and can probably make friends, but I don’t really get into school spirit.

Is DC or AP better?

DC because it’s guaranteed college credit and more colleges accept DC credits.

What is your favorite subject?
U.S. History because it’s interesting to me.

What college do you want to go to from here?
Texas A&M University, Texarkana, because I want to be a pediatric nurse. They have a really good nursing program.