Freshman talks about his first day


Freshman Tyler Snell has found some positive aspects of being at the high school, like not having to walk in a line.

Story by Josh Klein, Viewpoint Editor

The transition to high school is oftentimes a shocking and abrupt experience. Crowded hallways. Unprecedented freedom. Chaos for many freshmen. To get a better understanding of this we asked freshman Tyler Snell to shed a little light on his first few days.

How’s your first week?
It’s been really cool since it’s Texas vs. Arkansas week.

Is it what you’ve expected so far?
I didn’t think it’d be this crazy. There are way too many people in the hallways between classes.

How does this compare to middle school?
We have more freedom and the teachers don’t get on to you as much. We don’t have to walk down a line anymore!

How are your teachers?
Some are okay and all but some are average. Sometimes the class isn’t as interesting as it could be.

How have the upperclassmen treated you?
Horrible, just kidding! They’ve been pretty cool actually. Haven’t been pushed in a trashcan yet!