Meet Trocia, the mascot


Sophomore Hanna Pate is one of the mascots this year.

Story by Madeline Hunley, Staff Writer

Meet Trocia

The schools big, striped, tiger.

She’s always on the sidelines, cheering on many Texas High athletes. But Trocia has a double identity.

Meet Hanna Pate.

Q&A with sophomore Hanna Pate:

What is your favorite dance move?
My favorite dance move would have to be the twerk. Whenever I’m in the mascot costume, I usually twerk because it’s a lot of fun and gets the crowd going.

What is your favorite sport to be the mascot for?
Definitely football. I love being apart of the school spirit and looking forward to the games every week. Since it’s one of my favorite sports to watch, I know I’m going to enjoy the games this year.

What is your favorite spirit day?
Out of all the many spirit days we have, extreme orange day is my favorite because that’s the day of the big pep rally and the bacon fry. Also, later that night we have the football game that I’m really excited for.

Does the mascot costume smell or give off an odor to you?
Yes, when I first got the costume it smelled pretty bad. Later that day, I got after it with Febreeze and other cleaning supplies. Soon, the odor went away and now it doesn’t bother me as much anymore.

What are you looking forward to most this year as our mascot?
Mainly, I’m excited for the new year as the mascot. Also, I can’t wait to pump up the football boys on the sidelines and get involved in the school spirit.