New cheerleaders prepare for upcoming year

Story by Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

Peppy, popular, and with plenty of spirit, cheerleaders put on a pretty face, but behind the pom poms, the new members of the squads have had to prepare for the upcoming year.

“It’s been very frustrating,” freshman Chelsea Villanueva said. “You can’t hit everything that you want every single time, but eventually you get the stunt to hit.”

Many of the cheerleaders come from different squads and have to learn to adjust to a new atmosphere.

“Texas High is different than Pleasant Grove cheer,” senior Christina Cummings said. “Cheerleaders want to put in the time and effort to look good. Coach Courtney wants us to strive to be our best and will do anything for us to accomplish that.”

Although the freshman aren’t yet used to the intense level of high school cheer, they seem to have enjoyed the unity as a squad so far.

“The whole squad cooperates as one,” freshman Annie Hounsel said. “There aren’t many cliques in Texas High Cheer, so everything flows better to get things done.”

Along with keeping old friends, new members have made more friends in the process.

“I would have to say that all of the JV team, captains, Gabbie Palmer, Autumn Jester, and Maggie Coleman have been encouraging and helpful to me,” Villanueva said. “You can tell that they’re dedicated to cheer and running their team. I really look up to them.”

Even graduated seniors of the varsity team have come back to help the squads.

“Alex Garner has been a huge help in preparation for Watermelon Supper,” Hounsel said. “She tells it like it is and doesn’t sugar coat anything, which I really like. She wants us to get better and make it to varsity cheer when we’re juniors.”

With Watermelon Supper coming up, the girls have had their share of practices and preparation for the new routine.

“It’s been really fun,” sophomore Rachel Qualls said. “It’s been difficult trying to memorize the whole routine and sticking every stunt.”

Despite the hardships, the new girls have realized what it takes to make it work.

“It’s good knowing that all the work we put into is worth it,” Villanueva said. “The feeling that you get at the end of a flawless routine is so rewarding.”