Q and A with the new academic adviser


Photo by unknown

Ashley Washington has joined the team of academic advisers. She comes from the middle school where she was the registrar.

Story by Casey Hitchcock, Photographer, Staff Writer

Coming from the middle school, Ashley Washington has joined the team of academic advisers. Find out how her transition has been and some of her secret talents.

Do you like the new position you have?
Yes, I came in from Texas Middle School and was a registrar there. This opportunity became available, and I applied for the position knowing it would be a promotion. Also, it gives me more one-on-one contact with students. I can build more relationships, and in the registrar position, you don’t get that as much. The continuity of it all; from ninth grade through their senior year, having to work with them on their academics and seeing the progress from where they start to where they want to finish, how they want to have goals for college, or a future technical job or something like that. I can see the fruits of their labor and their progress as individuals. So, it’s nice.

What was one of the challenges you faced in applying here? Was there anything extra that helped you get the position?
I don’t know if I really did anything extra, but I think that one of the ways I feel I was a good candidate for the position was that I’m already so familiar with the enrollment process, and TEAMS, which is the system we use on the admin side. It’s the software that everyone uses, and I have experience with it. So, that makes the transition a little bit easier. They wouldn’t have to train somebody new with the TEAMS software. I think that was one selling point at least. But I’m sure there were a lot of qualified candidates that applied, and I really am grateful for the position. I really wanted it.

What is one of the hardest things about this position?
Right now, the hardest thing is scheduling. Just because you really want to accommodate everyone’s choices, and in actuality, it’s just kind of impossible. You’ve got to make sacrifices for some students. That’s why it’s so important to put alternate choices because we really want to put you in something you really want to be in and not something you feel like you have to be in. Because we want school to be enjoyable. We know you have to take your core subjects, but with those electives, we really want you to have a choice and a decision that goes into that so it will be a schedule that you like. So, right now, that’s the hardest thing.

What is a difference from being here rather than at the middle school?
It would have to be the scheduling aspect, transcripts, and things like that. At the middle school level, you don’t have that. It’s a lot easier at the middle school level. Here, there’s the burden of an academic advisor. We really want to make sure that they’re reaching their credit goals for every year. So, that way, they can be promoted to the next grade level. So, there’s a big responsibility.

Sometimes, transitioning can be difficult. How was your transition here?
Actually, it wasn’t too hard. I think I was really, well received and very welcome by the ladies in here. It’s kind of like a little family of five. We spend more time up here than we do at home, awake at least. It was very nice; the first day I came, they had donuts for me, and I had notes in my seat from Mr. Bailey welcoming me to the high school. So, that was good. And then, my husband works for the high school. So, a lot of teachers know him and that helps.

What is one of your happiest memories?
College graduation day and knowing I completed my degree before my older brother and twin sister.

What is something no one knows about you?
I can dock start on water skis.

Any hidden talents?
I step. As in “Stomp the Yard.” My step team in college won first place two years out of the four years we participated in the Greek Unity show.

What is your most embarrassing moment?
I wrecked my dad’s truck when I was 14 driving with my learner’s permit. I had been asking for a “hardship license” so I could drive alone at age 15. Fail.

What is your favorite pickup line?
The most recent one I got was at Super 1 when a guy asked if my wedding ring was real or if I just wore it to avoid single guys like him approaching me. Smooth.