Sophomore eases back into school routine


Sophomore Sydnee Russ finds herself more confident after her freshman year.

Story by Taylor Potter, Sports Editor

After a year of high school experience under her belt, sophomore Sydnee Russ has gotten the hang of the hustle and bustle of Texas High. She is a lot more confident about going to a big school now that she has one year down. She answered some questions about the differences between her freshman year and her first week as a sophomore.

How is the first week of school going so far?
“It’s fun. My classes are okay. I have a bunch of friends in them.”

How is it different than your freshman year?
“My classes are spread out more. I know a lot more people now. It’s not as intimidating.”

Has this year been better than last so far?
“Yes. It’s been a lot better. I went to a small school. It was a big change going from a school of 30 kids in a grade to 300.”

What class do you think will be the hardest?
“AP History. Because we have to take certain kinds of notes. We’ve had homework already.”

What do you look forward to the most about this year?
“I look forward to the football games. I know how they go now. They should be a lot more fun.”