Finding her special place


Story by Maggie Coleman and Madeline Hunley, Staff Writers

The most recent addition to the special education department, Whitney Fuqua has brought her smiles and positive attitude to the kids.
Fuqua enjoys her occupation and feels the kids give her a sense of happiness and joy as she takes on the day with them.
“It’s just very rewarding because they have special needs,” Fuqua said. “It brightens my day, and I know I brighten theirs.”
Three years ago, Fuqua was a substitute teacher in a special education class and fell in love with it, as well as the kids. Many years earlier, she taught first grade before she had her two children and decided that teaching was what she wanted to pursue.
Fuqua thought of how much she enjoyed the special education class and realized what her calling in life was: teaching special needs kids.
“I wanted to get my foot in the door and see if I wanted to teach in the school system again,” Fuqua said. “I subbed the job and immediately fell in love with it.”
Whether attending the local fair or going to the movies, Fuqua always finds time to engage with the kids and have some fun outside of their usual learning environment. Not only can she enjoy the happiness inside the school, but carry it to the outside world.
“I love when we get to attend activities like field trips,” Fuqua said. “It’s just nice to not be confined in this one corner of the school and get out with them.”
Fuqua revels being included with everyone else here. From the pink out pep rally to Texas vs. Arkansas week, involvement in school activities is important to her and the special education students.
“I know most people recognize this, but they’re students at Texas High just like everybody else,” Fuqua said. “We like to be included in everything that the school does. They’re capable of a lot of things.”