Ode to the kid who makes weird noises


Pterodactyl Demonstrating the making of a dinosaur noise, junior Josh Elrod has become known for the weird noises he makes

Story by Mary Claire Boudreaux, Feature Editor

The stares, the glaces, the whispers and later on, the nicknames. The aftermath of when, junior, Josh Elrod, makes one of his signature noises.
“In middle school I was really into impersonations from movies,” said Elrod “and this eventually turned into making dinosaur noises.”
When walking through the hallway, Elrod is seemingly normal, but little does everyone know that behind that Elrod swagger, lies the interior of a dinosaur. Josh moves from class to class occasionally disrupting to throw in a few noises. He gets mostly stares and the occasional laugh and thats what keeps him going.
“Sometimes I use my noises to cheer people up if they are having a bad day or something,” said Elrod, “ and then I use them in class when we are talking about certain subjects or to express how something was or how someone felt.”
Little does Elrod know that when he became “pterodactyl boy” or “dinosaur dude” he was really inspiring others. The not so trendy trend has slowly became a fad of many other unique students.
“I mean I used to watch him in middle school do the pterodactyl noise,” said senior Chris Courson, “I think it has really spread, people are still doing it because of watching and learning from Josh.”
Everyone is joining the fad. From the swim team to the golf team, from newspaper staff to the football team, the cheer squad or drill team, there is always one person who can do a perfect impersonation of pterodactyl. We all owe a big thank you to Josh Elrod. So here’s to you Elrod for helping all of us embrace our inner dinosaur.
“I do it to make people laugh,” said Elrod, “thats enough for me.”