Sophomore’s singing takes the spotlight


Sophomore Reese Griffin plays the role of Jack from the play “Into the Woods.”

Story by Taylor Potter, Sports Editor

The rehearsals were nerve racking.
The singing was intense.
The play was difficult.
But on opening night, it just seemed to flow.

Sophomore Reece Griffin played the role of Jack in the recent production of “Into the Woods.” Before auditioning for the play, Griffin had little reason to believe that he would land such a large part in a tough production.

“I was pretty shocked, but I was also very happy,” Griffin said. “It was kinda weird. I used to sing in a choir when I was younger, but I never took it very seriously.”

Though he had previous singing experience, it was nonexistent as of late. The members of the swim and dive team, which Griffin is a member of, were not aware of this talent.

“This year I just started singing again, and then I got the part,” Griffin said. “They were all pretty surprised about it.”

Though he is new to the theater program, Griffin will continue to be involved in their activities and plays.

“I plan to audition for more productions and all that,” Griffin said. “I like it pretty well. It was really hard and it took a lot of concentration and prep work, but I think it was really worth it.”

Griffin was certainly challenged with his singing debut, performing one of the larger parts in a college-level production. The stress, however, seemed to melt away during the show.

“I was nervous during the actual practices, but when the actual thing came, all that nervousness just kinda went away,” Griffin said. “Everything just really flowed.”