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Expressions on a blank canvas

Sabrina Larson
Sophomore Maggie Lopez recently won a 4 rating on her artwork during the VASE competition.

Painting is different for everybody. Sophomore Maggie Lopez uses her artistic ability to paint her thoughts and feelings onto a once blank canvas.

Painting has been a big part of her life since she was in sixth grade. Her family originally sparked her interest in arts.

“When I was really little my mom would get paper and a book and we would draw from it,” Maggie said. “My dad draws from his imagination or he can draw from nature. My mom draws from pictures.”

Her talent with the brush prompted her to enter the UIL art competition where she received a score of four. This is the highest a contestant can receive.

“We waited three hours until we got our results. It’s very nerve-wracking,” Maggie said. “I was happy. Last year I got a three, and this year I got a four.”

She not only paints for competition but also in her spare time. She has painted many pieces including a dead flower, a car crash, and a bleeding heart. Her pieces tend to lean toward the darker side.

“Darker paintings are fun to draw,” Maggie said. “I’ve gone through some pretty tough times. I’ve seen a lot of funerals before high school and some family problems. It’s one way I can relieve stress.”

Maggie paints to express herself and show the world what she’s feeling. Her art allows her to speak her mind without even opening her mouth. She loves the freedom of expression it gives her.

“When I draw my emotions, I feel people understand even if they don’t know what’s going on in my life,” she said. “It shows my creative side. I love it. It’s great for expressing myself in my own way. I can let all my emotions flow onto paper without having to even speak.”

A wise person once said that a painting is worth a thousand words, and Maggie Lopez’s paintings are no exception. She uses the art as her voice so that the world will know exactly is what is on her mind. The paintings speak volumes in their own way.



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Amanda Hackleman, Staff Writer
Amanda Hackleman is a senior at Texas High School, as well as managing editor for the Tiger Times Newspaper. She has a fun and quirky personality, but this is generally overshadowed by her introverted tendencies. She has a strong belief in all humanitarian issues, such as feminism, race issues and the gay rights movement. Amanda hopes to someday change the world through her writing, and she is currently working on a novel. She is an actor and techie with the Tiger Theatre Company while aspiring to be a high school theatre teacher. In her spare time, she enjoys shows such as Doctor Who and Orange is the New Black. Amanda works to be true to herself and make sure she leaves a lasting imprint on the hearts and minds of those who know her.  
Sabrina Larson, photographer
Sabrina Larson is a senior photographer. She enjoys laying out on the beach and enhancing the color of her skin, while occasionally getting in the water for a short cool off. She enjoys hiding cats from her mom. Sabrina loves to eat cheese balls; she even sleeps with with a bucket of them beside her bed. Sabrina loves to hang with her girls, and she loves to laugh and smile all the time. People always tell her that she is an awkward but extremely funny person. They call her Sab, Slar, SabLar, Sab so fab, Sab thug, Sabby, Paco, Brina, Briney, oh and the most known nickname for her is Beautiful. That’s just a minor scope of Sabrina's life.

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Expressions on a blank canvas