Queen of travel

Story by Madeline Hunley, Staff Writer

The little square symbol indicating the “pilot has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign” lights up. She adjusts her neck pillow and turns her phone off because she knows the flight attendant is about to tell her to do so anyway.

Like clockwork: “The pilot asks that all phones be turned off now, you can check which items are allowed during flight in the guide in your front seat pocket.”
The plane gains speed and slowly lifts off the ground. She leans her head back and closes her eyes. She knows this flight all too well. Sophomore Emma Edwards may not be an Argentinian princess, but she is the Queen of Travel.

Eleven hour flights to and from the United States might be a drag for some, but after stepping off the jet and onto the soil of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and seeing smiles from her family everywhere, the jet lag quickly vanishes.

“I’m excited whenever I see my family,” Edwards said, “The feeling is the same every time I get to be around them.”

Due to the small amount of time she gets to spend with her family, it has become a priority for Emma to participate in activities her Argentinian heritage encourages. Whether she is attending mass, playing golf, or snacking on some cultural food, Edwards is constantly engaged in fun, food and family.

“I spend time with my grandmother and grandfather while I am there,” Edwards said. “We learn about the many cultures and travel around the country. South America is very family oriented and has more European culture to it. Also, the weather is always really nice and sunny.”

Rumors fly, especially in high school. Most high school girls deal with rumors of cheating boyfriends and backstabbing best friends. But, Emma deals with a much more original rumor. A rumor that she is an Argentinian princess.

“Argentina is a democracy,” Edwards said “They are not a monarchy. It’s not true at all. My family is just a regular family, and I’m just a regular person.”

Since she was only a few months old, Emma has learned to love traveling around the world. In a few years, she plans on visiting other countries to learn about her heritage.

“I would like to go to Europe, especially Italy to see the culture and the home of my religion,” Emma said. “Also, I want to see the place my family came from, Florence, Italy.”

Whether it be Italy, Argentina, or any other travel hot-spot, Emma plans to continue her travel to learn and to visit her family. Although, at the end of the day, she makes her way back to Texarkana with a heavy heart and a head full of memories.

“Leaving Buenos Aires is sad,” Edwards said. “I feel like I’m leaving my home and family.”

She walks to her gate and sits down on her throne. A throne equipped with a seat recliner and a built in seat back tray table. She comes and goes to Argentina as a normal teenage girl, but sits as royalty on a plane as the Queen of Travel.