Lohse shares musical aspirations


Sydney Steed

Freshman Gabe Lohse hopes to be a performing artist.

Story by Abigail Hill, staff writer

Microphones, amps and lights infuse into the senses of his ears, eyes and mind. Between his love for music, his writing skills and his ability to play in a band, freshman Gabe Lohse is more than welcome to share his experiences. It all started when he was 11, aspiring to learn to play an instrument, and perform in a band.

 Q: Who or what are some of your inspirations when it comes to music?

A: When it comes to writing, bands such as Us and the Ship (a local band) and mewithoutYou are some major influences on my songwriting and musical writing.

Q: What’s your main goal when it comes to your aspirations as a writer?

A: My main goal is to eventually form a stable band and just play in front of people.

Q: Have you ever played in front of strangers before? What kind of experience is that?

A: I have. Although the fact that you are playing in front of people is nerve–racking, I still enjoy the experience. It helps me grow.

Q: How is your taste in music compared to the music you play and write?

A: My musical tastes vary a lot, and I think that most of the music I write and play varies along with my musical taste.

Q: What feeling would you say your songs usually create?

A: My songs usually reflect whatever mood I am in whenever I write the song. Whether that be a mellow acoustic song, or a heavy song.

Q: What kind of mindset do you usually have when it comes to making and listening to music?

A: I always have the mindset of trying to entertain. When I’m listening to music, I take what I interpreted from the band’s song and try to incorporate that into my music. So whenever I write, I always have to remember that I am relaying a creative message through my music.

Q: What’s one of the hardest things you’ve had to go through and how did it reflect in your writing?

A: I went through a tough time in general over these past months, and my songwriting has changed. Although, as I get older and go through life, I will keep noticing change in my songwriting.

This barely touches the surface of his musical dream. Even the feel that radiates off him is a quirky, mellow, indie artist, worthy of recognition. Imagine rolled-up jeans, worn Sperry’s, light eyes and a calm expression walking around and picking at the strings of an old acoustic guitar, subtly smiling as he talks about his life. His name could potentially be on a CD in local music shops, performing in front of crowds by the hundred’s, or on any media, sharing his passion with the rest of the world.