20 questions with Amanda Bickham


Photo by Faith Rhone

College algebra teacher Amanda Bickham helps student with the lesson for the day.

Story by Caroline May, staff writer

New college algebra teacher, Amanda Bickham, shares 20 answers to let students in on what she is really like.

1. I was born in… Texarkana, Texas, at Wadley Regional Hospital.

2. A weird talent that I have is… Being able to roll my tongue into a clover.

3. If I could switch places with anyone for a day it would be… The Queen of England. It would be neat to do all the “queenie” things that no one else can. Or I would switch places with the president of a bank so I could see all the money in peoples’ bank accounts.

4. I chose to work at Texas High because… Several of my friends work here and said it was a great school.

5. My favorite type of smoothie is… None. I don’t like smoothies. The texture of them is weird.

6. The last person I talked to (besides my students) was… My kids. I told them, “Bye, I love you. Have a good day.”

7. One food that I can’t stand is… Chocolate. I hate it.

8. If I could have one superpower it would be… X-Ray vision. I’m super nosey and would love to see what everyone around me is doing. But not through clothes… That would be a little invasive.

9. The person that would play me in a movie about myself would be… Melissa McCarthy. The lady that plays on Identity Theft.

10. I moved school districts because… I used to teach at Queen City, but I wanted to be in a bigger district.

11. I have been to the emergency room… four times. Once because of a car accident, another because of a staph infection on my chin, and lastly, I went to have my two kids.

12. The person I admire most is… My mother because she goes out and does whatever she wants no matter her age.

13. A habit I have that I wish I could change is… Biting my fingernails.

14. My favorite type of movie is… Horror movies. I don’t have a particular favorite, I just like them all.

15. My favorite place I’ve visited is… Paris, France. I went the summer before last and had a blast.

16. The earliest memory I have is… Hating kindergarten. I just remember my teacher standing at the front of the room going, “This is an A.The A says….” I absolutely hated it.

17. Something I would love to try is… Skydiving.

18. I look at the glass half… Full! Technically, it’s the same thing, but whatever.

19. If I could invent anything it would be… A Star Trek transporter. I hate having to drive so far to school everyday because I live far away.

20. The thing I like most about being a Tiger is… The wonderful students, of course!