Q&A: Bailey Vaughan


Photo by Sabrina Larson

Vaughan expresses herself through different poses such as this.

Story by Caroline Purtle, co-entertainment editor

Senior Bailey Vaughan, a dark horse in a crowd of misfits, beguiles people daily with her quirky personality and style. Most of the time you see her to herself, but what is she contemplating? World domination? Quite frankly, she is just the average soul putting her twist on life.


A few questions were asked to Vaughan, and she bestowed some of her pearls of wisdom on how to she gets through the awkward, unsightly teenage years.


Q: What outfit is the most fitting for this generation?

A: A T-shirt, Nike shorts, and Chacos because that’s the epitome of comfort.


Q: If someone came up to you and pushed you, obviously wanting to fight, how would you react?

A: I would be like, “why’d you do that?” and walk away.


Q: What if they chased you?

A: I would begin to run to fake them out, but then I would fall on the ground and do the coffee grinder to knock their feet from under their body.


Q: Look there’s a cute guy walking up! How how do you handle this situation?

A: I would do nothing, because I don’t look at the outward appearance. I only look at their heart.


Q: What if there a was a fire in the area you were in? What’s the first thing you should do?

A: I would probably try to find some water.


Q: Why?

A: Because water puts fire out you idiot! I’m an independent woman, and I don’t need no fireman to save me.


Q: Quick someone is choking! Should they call for help and just watch?

A: I probably would just slap their back really hard because I do that a lot. If they don’t stop, I would just be like “ehhh.”


Q: What life experience have you really grown from?

A: One time I was reading a newspaper story, and it was about a girl named Pookie Potwater.


Q: What is a secret talent you possess?

A: I have mad origami skills. I was also in a rap competition with Mute Spittaa and won.


Q: Is there proof of the rap battle?

A: Well, you could see it on YouTube, but it got taken off because everyone who watched had their minds blown.


Q: If there’s a spider, what would you do?

A: I would tornado kick them out of the sky. The other day I killed two giant ones with the toilet paper holder. And then I tornado kicked them out of the sky because they needed a good whippin’.


Q: How do you say goodbye to people?

A: I’ll see you in your dreams! Just kidding, that’s creepy.