Taking a big step

New high stepper director launches new career


Photo by Rachel Lewis

New drill team director Amber Reynolds leads a practice.

“Point your toes and kick to your nose.” A saying that has been drilled into her head throughout the years. Now she has packed up her life and moved to Texarkana so that she can teach a new group of girls the lessons she has grown to love.

Amber Reynolds is eager to begin her career as a full time drill team director. After being an assistant director at Hutto High School last year and being around aspects of drill team her entire life, she believes she is prepared for the job.

My mom was a director for 13 years, so I got to watch her direct my high school drill team,” Reynolds said. “I was on my high school drill team for four years, and I was a Texas State Strutter for four years. I also work for a summer camp company where I travel all over Texas and teach drill teams from everywhere. So I’ve been around a lot of drill team for a long time.”

Because of her love for drill team and the fact that the Highsteppers were already well established, Reynolds took the job opportunity without hesitation.

“When I got the phone call that I was offered the job, I just couldn’t pass it up,” Reynolds said. “It’s a great program, and it’s been around for a long time. It was just too good to say no. I had to come.”

Although moving to a new town can be overwhelming, Reynolds is thankful for the support she has gotten from the people surrounding her.

So far the transition has been really great,” Reynolds said. “It’s not easy moving from one city to another, but the girls and their parents have been so wonderful to me.  Even on the stressful days, I can always walk in to practice and immediately I am reminded of why God brought me to Texarkana.”

Despite the fact that Reynolds has only been a part of staff for a short time, she is impressed with the team’s abilities. Seeing the Highsteppers perform for the first time made her enthusiastic for the rest of this year.

It was such a joy to see their hard work pay off,” Reynolds said. “It was great to watch them perform at Watermelon Supper. Everyone was really excited to perform. The crowd loved their dance as well.”

Reynolds is optimistic that the coming years will be an amazing experience for the girls and herself.

I’m looking forward to everything this year,” Reynolds said. “It’s such a new experience for everyone, and I think it’s just great to see where the year takes us. What happens happens, and it’s going to be fun.”

Above all, Reynolds wants the girls to work hard and enjoy their time on the team together.

“My only expectations for the team are not to settle for anything less than their best, and to always be proud of themselves,” Reynolds said. “If, at the end of the day, my girls are smiling when they are finished performing, then I am a happy director.”