Service is key

Key Club provides volunteer opportunities for members


Photo by Angela Valle

Club members sign in at a meeting.

Story by Ali Richter, copy editor

Joggers hustle passed as they continue down the course toward the finish line. They dream of being the first to cross the line and look forward to the drinks provided at the end. They do their part to win the race, and Key Club does theirs to help them get there. The set-up, registration and several other components of community events are taken care of by volunteers, who are often members of Key Club.

“Key Club is a great organization because it focuses on community service projects that are student-led,” Key Club adviser Rachel Epley said. “The student members actually decide on which projects to focus on that school year and organize them.”

The club tries to attend at least one community service event each semester, but often ends up doing more.

“Some activities Key Club has planned this year include volunteering at the Red Lick Fall Festival, hosting a pancake breakfast fundraiser and helping with Stuffing Stockings for Opportunities,” Epley said. “Those are just first semester projects. We have some new ideas for fundraisers this year as well, including a fun activity for THS students to participate in and possibly a Valentine’s service project.”

Epley only recently came into the adviser position after the previous adviser, Holly Mooneyham, was made the adviser of National Honor Society.

“I was approached by Mr. Bailey about becoming the Key Club sponsor last school year,” Epley said. “He encouraged me to find out about the club and speak with Mrs. Mooneyham, the former club sponsor. She spoke about how awesome the Key Club students were and that it was a great opportunity to get involved, so I let Mr. Bailey know that I would love to accept the position.”

To ensure that members don’t slack off, they have certain responsibilities to uphold.

“Members in key club are responsible for voting on decisions we make concerning the club and coming to events that Key Club puts on,” club president John Debenport said. “We try to have our members be active in other aspects of the school as well.

All activities Key Club participates in provide benefits for the community and make an impression on the members.

“My favorite activity is the Christmas party at Opportunities that we sponsor along with our local Kiwanis club,” Debenport said. “We hand out stockings to the mentally challenged in our community and make sure they have a great time.”

The majority of Key Club members are in at least one other club on campus as well, which some students find beneficial.

“Besides being a member of Key Cub, I’m in National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Science Club, History Club, Student Council and newspaper,” senior Ricky Cooks said. “I’m Student Body President so I do a lot in STUCO, and at certain events I volunteer at, it counts for both those clubs. Those are the best events to me, because I get to represent both clubs while doing volunteer work.”