A huge step to take

Sophomore prepares for move across the country

Story by Kaitlyn Gordon, staff writer

Right now it’s five months away. She has five measly months to make up for all of the times she’s going to miss. Then, it will be 1000 miles and fourteen hours away. Then, it will be too late. The distance and time between her best friends and a place that she calls home is not something she wants to increase.

Sophomore Victoria Noble is moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan and leaving behind friends and much more that she thought she’d be able to hold on to for at least two more years.

“I’ve made so many new friends,” Noble said. “I don’t want to lose them or have to start over. I planned on having them for at least one more year since they’re all juniors right now.”

Coming into high school, Noble thought she’d be able to have a normal high school experience with the same friends for four years in the same place. Her reality is not her ideal situation; it’s losing friends she adores and trying to make lasting memories in her last five months.

The distance and time between her best friends and a place that she calls home is not something she wants to increase.”

— Gordon

“I’m going to spend the rest of my time here with friends,” Noble said. “I’m going to stop worrying about the little, insignificant things that won’t matter in five months when I do leave. What’s going to matter is my friends and the lasting memories I’ll have made.”

This huge move away from her current home is something she’s dreading and trying to avoid for as long as she can. However, she is able to find positives in the move, such as being able to attend her dream college and being able to see family she hasn’t been able to visit with or be around except for  vacations.

“My mom wants me to attend the University of Michigan, and if we move now, I can still get in-state tuition,” Noble said. “All of our family lives in Michigan, and it’s just my small family here in Texarkana.”

As for her friends here, Noble plans on staying in touch.

“I plan on keeping up with my friends through Snapchat and texting,” Noble said. “I’ll still come down to Texarkana during the summer and school breaks to see them. I’m even going to come back to see all of them graduate.”