The more the merrier

Family brings the Brady Bunch to life


Photo by Submitted Photo

Submitted photo. The Gamble family faces challenges unknown to families with only a couple children.

Story by Aislyn Echols, staff writer

The average person has one to two siblings they live with, but this average doesn’t tell of the multiple people with eight or nine siblings. This is a reality for the Gamble family.

In this family, a person getting what they want can be a challenge. Not only that, but people need space to get the things they want done, and this many people under one roof can make that a challenge.

The Gamble family consists of eight children. Being in a house with this many children can be a hassle. Having to helps others with their homework or other miscellaneous tasks, and never really getting a quiet moment to yourself. Some of the children of the Gamble family portray some of the daily complications of a gargantuan family.

Jessie Gamble is the eldest of the children that are still living at home.

 “It’s not quiet sometimes,” Jessie Gamble said. “Sometimes I just want it to be a little bit quieter, but then [Camden] blasting his music and Riley has her TV playing Pitch Perfect on full volume in her room.” 

Whether that means to be a millionaire, or maybe just some alone time once in a while, most people wish for the life that they don’t live already. A big family means that compromises must be made to make life comfortable for all members of the family. 

Camden Gamble is the only boy and the middle child in the family.

“[I sometimes wish I had a smaller family] because I have four sisters and I’m the only boy,” Camden Gamble said. “The house is full of girls, I get some stuff I want, but, you know, the girls get most stuff.” 

Some big families can have a bigger impact that goes farther than just in the home. At school, the younger siblings might be judged by their teachers based on their older sibling’s actions in the past. Having to share a home and everything in it can already be  hard enough, but having to share the same school and teachers too, that is a new trial.

Riley Gamble is the third oldest and second youngest of the Gamble family.

“[Having a big family] has [helped] me get better grades. My siblings help me with homework and stuff when I don’t understand it,” Riley Gamble said.

Having just one or two siblings may already a trial, for some. Dealing with more than that might seem impossible to the average person, but to other people having to deal with multiple siblings in one home is the daily. Most siblings think the other sibling has it easier, but every child has to deal with their own problems.

The Gamble family describes how no role is easy in a big family. Getting along with each other can be hard at times, especially when it comes to always having to share, never being left alone.

“[Our family is] described by ‘don’t murder me,’ that’s the perfect way. I can go from one second to [trying] and punch [Camden] and then we can be best friends the next,” Jessie Gamble said. ”[The lack of space and my siblings] can be annoying, it’s not quiet.”

Furthermore, trying to work while helping their other siblings with their needs and while dealing with all the noise around them might be an ordeal.

“[My siblings] make it hard to concentrate sometimes. Whenever [Camden is] playing Call of Duty at the loudest volume,” Riley Gamble said. “[Though] I feel like it helps [them more] because I can help them with their homework.”

 Having many siblings can get difficult from time to time, but it can actually be a great asset to the members of the family in one way or another.

“You’re never lonely and you can always find somebody and they’re nice sometimes,” Jessie Gamble said.