In case you missed it, Nov. 13, 2019


Coffee shop for a cause now open

Brewsters on the Boulevard is a new coffee shop that has recently opened. It is associated with the City Church and has much bigger plans for their profits. The funds from this coffee shop go towards local and international mission fields. 

History on the rails

The Union Pacific Railroad sent their Big Boy Steam locomotive through Texarkana. It is one of the 25 that were made and it is the only one that still works to this day. Many people gathered around for this historic moment. 

Indiana now owes prisoner

The state of Indiana now owes prisoner Jay Vermillion $425,000. Vermillion was held in solitary confinement for too long to the point where it was illegal. The state didn’t admit that they were in the wrong, but they ended up settling for $425,000 to avoid any trouble.