In case you missed it, Nov. 16, 2019


Twinkie-Inspired Cereal in the Works

Manufacturing company Post is scheduled to release a cereal based on the Twinkie. Although not cream-filled like the actual treat, insiders claim it bares a similar taste to the sponge cake’s classic ingredient.

Vietnamese Species Rediscovered

An assumed to be extinct species called the silver-backed chevrotain, or Vietnamese mouse-deer, was rediscovered in a village in its home country. The supposed last of its kind was seen in 1907, but sightings of the creature were as recent as 1990.

Disney Plus Warning

Several older movies offered on the new Disney+ streaming service are accompanied by a warning at the end of their plot synopsis due to its controversial content. Of these films include “Dumbo” for its, according to the description, “outdated cultural depictions.”