In case you missed it, Nov. 7, 2019


US abandoning climate protection agreement

The Paris climate agreement was created in 2015 when over 200 nations concurred to cut carbon emissions and protect the climate from exponentially worsening. On Monday, Nov. 4, President Trump announced that the US will withdraw from this pledge by next year. The president claims that leaving the agreement will help America’s economy grow, however the stakes of leaving this agreement may be much higher. 

OK Boomer

While expressing her support for a bill on a climate crisis, New Zealand lawmaker Chlöe Swarbrick was heckled by an older member of the parliament. Her quick and dry response of “OK, boomer,” shocked and delighted many, calling out the belittling attitude of the older generation.

Injustice served for Rodney Reed

Rodney Reed is a 51-year-old inmate being sentenced to death on Nov. 20, 2019, after over 20 years on death row. With no viable evidence against him for the crimes he was convicted of, celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey to Kim Kardashian are rallying against his sentencing and calling for true justice to be served. Learn more about this case and his flawed conviction as well as a petition to urge Texas Governor Greg Abbott to free Reed.