In case you missed it, Dec. 15, 2019


Dutch Police Arrest Protestors

At the Schiphol airport, a group of climate change protesters, organized by Greenpeace, are arrested by Dutch policeman. The airport allowed them to peacefully rally outside the airport, but when they came into the building, stating that a peaceful protest shouldn’t be restricted, the airport took it upon themselves to call them arrested. 

Hallmark Backlash

The Hallmark channel receives harsh backlash after removing four commercials with same sex couples. They removed the commercials after receiving multiple complaints from a conservative group. The network says that the debate over the commercials distracts from the true purpose of the network, entertainment.

Park Place Reincarnated

For years, Park Place has made a home in the hearts of Texarkana’s citizens, but after being put up for sale, people speculated whether or not it would return. Though recently a group of men have purchased the Park Place with plans to bring it back to its former glory. The three men plan to combine their talents in order to create the same atmosphere the restaurant once had, but they hope to add aspects of the Dallas scene.