Pretty in pink: Students participate in Race for the Cure

Story by Natalie Banks

National Honor Society and Student Council tied up their shoelaces Oct. 16 for the for the annual Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure. The club members were part of Team Adrianne, a team made in honor of cancer patient Adrianne Rathburn, mother of senior Kate Beltson.

“The race went well and my mother was really encouraged to see all the other survivors who were there,” Beltson said. “She was really proud at how many Texas High kids showed up.”

Senior Jane Bashaw signed up to participate in honor of Kate’s mom.

“Kate is one of my friends and I wanted to be there to support her and her mom during this time,” Bashaw said. “All my friends were there, and knowing that what we were doing was directly impacting the people of Texarkana and Kate’s mom was rewarding.”

Texas High, along with the rest of the TISD group, was among some of the largest groups there.

“It kind of made my cry,” Beltson said. “Just getting there and walking up to see everybody, I was so happy. Even though we haven’t lived here very long, we have lots of friends who are very supportive.”

Even though Rathburn wasn’t feeling well enough to walk, Kate said her mother felt blessed to feel well enough to attend.

“It was really nice to see all my peers come together and get behind me on something that means so much to me and that I’m really passionate about,” Beltson said.