Texas Poet Laureate visits campus

Story by Julia Hurlburt and Dylan Pitman

Karla K. Morton, the 2010 Texas Poet Laureate, came to Texas High during second period on Wednesday to talk to the students as part of her Little Town, Texas Tour. During Morton’s visit she read aloud some of her original poetry from a variety of her published works such as Becoming Superman and Redefining Beauty.

“My childhood dream was to someday become a Texas Poet Laureate,” Morton said. “As a mother of two teenagers, I know the importance of inspiring dreams and encouraging achievements, no matter how difficult they may seem.”

Morton had a way of connecting to the students. She promoted the idea of college and going after what they were passionate about so they could share it to the world.

“I loved her presentation,” Andrew Lusk said. “It was amazing to listen to a poet that you can closely relate to.”

Morton’s main emphasis was that everyone had a story to tell, no matter how small, especially in the little things of life that happen.

“Some poets write about big huge events and that’s wonderful and great,” she said. “There’s no wrong way to write a poem. If you write from the heart guys, you’re writing a poem.”

She also stressed the universal appeal of poetry.

“Poetry is every man’s art,” Morton said. Poetry belongs to every person.”