New subs a favorite in cafeteria

Story by John David Goins

It looks like a Subway sandwich, it tastes like a Subway sandwich, but it came from the cafeteria.

“When I heard they were serving subs in the cafeteria, I expected it to taste terrible,” sophomore Sarah Scales said, “but it was actually very good.”

The new subway-style sandwiches served in the cafeteria are hitting it off with students.

“I like them, I like them a lot,” sophomore Michael Stanley said of the sandwich that cost $4. “It’s real food.”

The cafeteria staff said that they are trying to offer more healthier alternatives.

“We have been working on moving forward by preparing new healthy meals during the past years,” Child Nutritionist Ruth Giles said.

Because of their popularity, the cafeteria hopes for more manpower.

“We want to add a staff member so that we can serve you faster,” Giles said.

In the future, the staff plans more additions that they hope will keep students returning to the cafeteria.

“I would like to add chef salads and handmade pizzas,” Giles said.

Although upgrades to the cafeteria have been made not all people are as excited as others.

“It doesn’t taste like a Subway sandwich,” freshman Ben Gladney said, “but it’s still good.”

The cafeteria staff is glad that students are having a positive response.

“We really appreciate all the students being excited about the new items we present,” Giles said. “It makes us even more eager to serve you.”