Verizon Welcomes the Iphone 4

Story by Dylan Pitman

After years of speculation and months of rumors, they finally did it. On Jan. 11, Apple announced that Verizon Wireless would now be another proud distributor of the iPhone 4.
The phone goes on pre-sale Feb. 3 to existing Verizon customers and is available nationally Feb. 10. The Verizon iPhone is similar to the AT&T version despite a few differences. First of all, Verizon’s model is only a 3G phone because of Verizon’s 3G network. The software is also more advanced on Verizon than AT&T supposedly. This announcement excited many customers of this lucky phone company.
“I’m excited about the release of the iPhone 4 for Verizon,” freshman Taylor Potter said. “Now I don’t have to be jealous of all my AT&T friends.”
Because of Apple’s announcement, 15 percent of AT&T’s customers are estimated to leave and join Verizon for their seemingly faster network and less dropped calls. Also, the release of the phone sparked controversy between Google and Apple over Google’s debut of their Android, which is considered an alternative for the iPhone last year.
Though the new phone is almost up for purchase, some students still feel attached to their Androids.
“I think it’s cool that Verizon is finally getting the iPhone,” freshman Madison Norton said, “but I still love my Droid.”
Though there’s controversy with the release of the phone that changed it all on the “nation’s most reliable network,” the iPhone is here to stay on whatever network it pleases.