Library gets a new look


Photo by unknown

Story by John David Goins, News Editor

No more carpet. No more tall bookshelves. No more cheating in night library.Out with the old and in with the new.In her second year as librarian, Emily Ransom is continuing to try to make the library a more comfortable place, and now she has a new facility to do it with.All the offices were taken away to make the room more open, and new and shorter bookshelves allow students to see to the back of the room and give a view of the pond.“Maintenance made new shelves that you can see over and move around,” Ransom said. “Now it is way less claustrophobic in here.”

Computers will be available to all students because not only are there more computers, but there is an entire computer lab for teachers and students added alongside the originals. Ransom plans to put a COW (computer on wheels) into the library along with iPads for student use.

“We’ll have a teacher desk and then rows of computers [in the lab],” Ransom said.  “We will actually have more computers than we used to, but some of them will be [in the lab] and some of them will be [where they’ve always been].”

Another change that’s easy to spot is the new hardwood floors that have replaced the old carpet.

“This summer the TISD Building Maintenance department did a fantastic job,” Ransom said. “By [their] doing the demolition work on the circulation area, small offices and old bookshelves, we saved money.”

Renovations are far from done, thanks to Ransom’s long-term plan. She expects to be getting new tables, relaxing furniture, a couple of iPads, newer books and specialty sections such as ESL books.

“There wasn’t any additional budget for new tables, chairs or furniture. Those things would be what the library needs next,” Ransom said. “I am always looking out for grants that I can write to help fund these projects.”

Ransom said she hopes students and teachers will utilize the remodeled facility.

“The library is a big investment over time for our district,” Ransom said. “I want students and teachers to be taking full advantage of the resources and services that we can offer.”