Skinner named Teacher of the Year

Skinner named Teacher of the Year

Algebra teacher Lindsay Skinner sits in the official Teacher of the Year chair after being awarded the honor last month.

Story by Shelby Kelley, Staff writer

No two teachers are exactly alike. Each has different strengths, and even some weaknesses. However, the teachers at Texas High share one thing in common–the drive to help.

Every year, the faculty selects a teacher who has exhibited an extraordinary ability to help students become successful. Algebra teacher Lindsay Skinner was recognized as the Teacher of the Year last month.

“I was completely shocked when the administrators walked in my room with the orange chair,” Skinner said. “I didn’t really think I would win since I’ve only been here for three years and my competition was so wonderful.”

Skinner has been teaching for five years.

“I started out teaching sixth grade math at TMS, then moved to DeKalb High School to teach Algebra 1 but couldn’t stay away from TISD,” Skinner said.

Skinner finds joy in just being there for the students.

“I love getting to know all my students and being able to help them through each aspect of their year,” she said.

Principal Brad Bailey said Skinner has a positive influence on her students.

“We are very proud of Mrs. Skinner for being selected as Teacher of the Year for Texas High School,” Bailey said. “She is a dedicated teacher who works to instill high character and love of learning in all of her students.”

Those who have had her as a teacher agree.

“Mrs. Skinner always does her best to make sure that every student in her class is successful,” junior Macy Shirley said. “She always gave us the opportunity to get help every day. She tried to make math fun, but we still got our work done and were prepared to go on to the higher level of mathematics.”

Skinner will go on to compete for the district Secondary Teacher of the Year award next month.

“I believe that a teacher’s job is to do whatever it takes to help each student be successful at whatever they set their mind to,” Skinner said. “I’ll do whatever it takes.”