Chilly weather, nerves and two homecoming queens


Sharing the title of homecoming queen, seniors Natalie Copeland and Cheyanne Jester stand on the field at Grim Stadium during the pre-game ceremony Oct. 26. This was the third time in the school’s history that two homecoming queens were announced.

Story by Autumn Sehy, Online Co-Editor in Chief

The girls’ hands went numb from the chilly weather. The anticipation built as the pregame announcements blurred in their minds.

Prior to the tonight’s game, the homecoming court was displayed in front of the Grim Stadium crowd as they awaited the crowning. But this time, it was different. Seniors Natalie Copeland and Cheyanne Jester tied for the crown.

“I think it’s really exciting,” Natalie said. “It’s so fun to share this with Cheyanne. It wasn’t awkward standing there on the field because I was standing next to Cheyanne. I’m glad to be able to do this and to share this with a friend.”

This year’s crowning marked the third time that Texas High has been represented by two homecoming queens. In 1963, Sandy Sampson and Ellen Soderquist tied for the honor, and in 2006, Miracle Thurston and Karmella Green shared the crown.

“I’m always shocked by the votes,” Student Council Sponsor Susan Waldrep said. “When I ran it the first time, I thought I must have messed something up with the winners. I ran the votes again to check. I think they’re all deserving winners, and the student body must have agreed because the votes were very spread out.”

Senior Ashley Osborne was named Maid of Honor at the ceremony.

“It was unreal, I thought surely they aren’t calling my name,” Ashley said. “Then I saw John David, my good friend, coming toward me, and I knew it was real.”

Earlier in the month, Copeland was in the hospital when she learned she was on homecoming court. She had been in a four-wheeling accident with her dad in Mexico on Oct. 7.

“Our presentation Monday was really neat considering that Natalie got to show up,” Cheyanne said. “It was really awesome to see her there with us.”

Copeland was nervous about appearing in front of people, but she convinced herself to come.

“It’s been quite the experience,” Natalie said. “That’s what my dad and I were talking about, that’s what he was saying to make me laugh as we were walking across the field. He was saying that we’ve gone full circle no matter what. I couldn’t be more excited right now.”

Contributions made by Dwight Jonathan Mack and Robert Hoover
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