Students learn concept of ‘going green’


Photo by unknown

Life Skills teacher Whitney Fuqua helps freshman Keith Thomas hang up wet clothes as part of their focus on “going green.”

Story by John David Goins, Co-Online Editor in Chief

Everyone likes to say that they do their part in helping the environment, and the truth is people are starting to go green. With the world headed in a go green direction, everyone is doing their part. The life skills teachers are doing theirs by teaching students all about renewable resources.

Friday morning life skills students gathered in the Room 49 courtyard to learn about renewable energy.

“We had been doing lessons on renewable energy and we had been studying the different types of renewable energy to see where we get things such as electricity,” teacher Whitney Fuqua said. “This morning was a definitely a success.”

In the courtyard, the students hung their wet clothes on lines in order to use both solar energy as well as wind energy to dry them.

“The sun gives us heat which is what helped our clothes dry,” senior Taylor Johnson said. “It was a lot of fun.”

Along with hanging clothes on the line, the students all made pinwheels in order to see how wind turbines that harness renewable energy work.

“The windmills use the wind to the wind to make the energy that carries water,” Johnson said. “The water is carried to the crop fields and used to grow our food.”

On days when the sun is out, the students have class with the lights off to save money on electricity. These students are well equipped and educated when it comes to going green.