Norton begins planning stages for Presidents’ Council


Photo by file photo

New student body president Ben Norton received approval for the creation of President’s Council.

Story by Madeline Hunley, Staff Writer

Now that the campaign posters have been taken down, it’s time for newly-elected student body president Ben Norton to get to work. First on his agenda is creating a Presidents’ Council, an organization Norton hopes will give a greater voice to the student body.
“This is a way to include all organizations on campus,” Norton said. “It would most likely meet once a month and be open to the leader of every school organization who is willing to participate.”
Norton said he plans to meet with principal Brad Bailey soon to work out the details.
“With this being a new idea, we will have to determine how it’s going to work,” Norton said, “but the main idea is to get more input from more organizations around school.”
During the summer, Norton said he will be working on ideas for the upcoming year. In June, he will be attending the National Association of Student Council Conference in Las Vegas.
“There are some things that I want to improve,” Norton said, “but right now, I am working on identifying those areas and determining how we can make the greatest impact on changing those things over the course of this next year. Some other things are definitely in the works, but right now the Presidents’ Council is the main item on my agenda.”
Ultimately, Norton is ready for next year’s challenges.
“I am most looking forward to working with other students and administrators,” Norton said. “I want to make sure that Texas High lives up to its great reputation for yet another year.”
The results of other elections are as follows:
Student Body
Ben Norton, president; Anthony Rhone, vice president; Charlie Goins, secretary; Justin Lewis, treasurer; Adam Graves, parliamentarian.
Marissa Johnston, class president; Chau Dong, class vice-president; Whitney Jaynes, class secretary; Braden May, class treasurer.
Nick Richter, class president; Katherine Doan and Maggie Coleman, class vice president; Madeline Hunley, class secretary; Baylee McBride, class treasurer; Eron Sonson, class parliamentarian.
Caroline May, class president; Chealsea Slider, class vice president; Anna Catherine Boudreaux, class secretary; Anna Graves, class treasurer; Jessica Emerson, class parliamentarian.
Hutch Tidwell, class president; Ricky Cooks, class vice president; Marjorie Slimer, class secretary; Harli Kilgore, class treasurer.