Starting the year off right

Presidents’ Council holds frist meeting

Story by Madeline Hunley, news editor

The start of a growing organization recently held their first meeting in order to discuss the upcoming plans for the school year.

The Presidents’ Council is a committee constructed of leaders from every club and organization here. New ideas and improvements were considered during this gathering.

Senior class president Marissa Johnston shared her thoughts involving a sunrise and sunset meeting during the first and second semesters.

“We thought for the first semester that the sunrise could be the bacon fry since we were all up there at around 5:30 in the morning,” Johnston said. “The sunset would be when we did the bonfire at senior night. For second semester, we could do a sunrise, sunset and all sit on the track.”

Tons of ideas flowed throughout the meeting, such as another club drive, new pep rally skits and spring intramural sports between clubs. Student Council sponsor Susan Waldrep though the meeting went over well.

“I wasn’t sure if people would come because this is a new organization,” Waldrep said. “After the meeting, I was really happy with the way things went.”

Student body president Ben Norton was pleased with the way the meeting went and the ideas from all the leaders.

“The first President’s Council went amazingly well,” Norton said. “I think that if we get some of these ideas to work, everyone at the school will really enjoy them.”

The next gathering will be Oct. 16 to further consider improvements for the school.

“They were really on top of it,” Waldrep said. “These are the reasons these guys are leaders.”