Former students answer questions about college


Photo by Alyssa Olade

Harvard University senior, Carlton Bailey, shares his college experience with current THS students.

Story by Maggie Coleman, feature editor

Texas High alumni came back to share their college experience so far and what the seniors should expect.

Past students such as Henderson State University sophomore Larkin Parks, Harvard University senior Carlton Bailey and University of Texas freshman Michael Stanley answered questions by College and Career Readiness Adviser Alex Williams, Assistant Principal for Student Services Bettie Lynn Stark, and even current seniors.

Curious students were at the question and answer for a real taste of what college was like. Nobody understands how hard college can be until they experience it for themselves. University of Central Arkansas freshman Tyler Holloway gave some advice to help.

“Rank and GPA don’t matter as much as you think,” Holloway said. “I know it seems really important to get in college, but you can’t let it overcome you.”

For students who are playing collegiate level athletics or music, the alumni found it quite difficult to balance school work and activities. However, University of Arkansas freshman cheerleader Cheyanne Jester found a way to make it work and still be successful.

“It’s really hard balancing everything,” Jester said. “You have to learn what you really want to put your time into. Cheer puts in around 24 hours a week, and I’m also in a sorority. Those two things with school is pretty difficult, but I’ve made it work.”

The alumni made it apparent that creating a personal relationship with the professor pays off. University of Texas junior Braydon Jones knows from first-hand experience.

“In high school the teacher does about 80 percent teaching and the student does 20 percent learning,” Jones said. “In college, it completely switches. I’ve had a professor help me out with things that normally would never be addressed because I went and talked to him during his office hours and asked questions. It’s up to you to learn.”

Gabriella Bermea, a freshman architecture student at the University of Arkansas, found her calling early in life. She’s found her passion and advises for students to try and do the same as she did.

“Just love what you do,” Bermea said. “Find out what you really want to do and go for it.”