Smile big and wear red lipstick


Photo by Sydney Steed

Sophomore Jayci Pettigrew cheers at a pep rally.

Story by Hannah Williams, staff writer

The cheerleaders and Texas Highsteppers are having their annual tryouts coming up soon. Texas Highsteppers will be kicking high, smiling, and wearing red lipstick on April 11 with anticipation of being announced as a Highstepper.

Cheerleaders will be tumbling and jumping their hearts out on Friday in hopes they will make the freshman, JV or varsity cheer teams.

“I am trying out for the JV cheer team this year,” freshman Marley Crawford said. “It was good seeing everyone that is trying out. I’m very excited right now, but I know that once Friday gets here, I will be so nervous. I am hoping to get better in my tumbling because I am getting older and developing new skills.”

Not only is cheer just an extracurricular activity for Crawford, it has become a second nature.

“If I make it, I will be so happy because cheer is basically my life. It’s an everyday thing because we’re constantly doing community service. If anything is going, we’re always there for support. I think it will be so much fun next year.” said Crawford.

For some, this will be their last time to tryout and their last time to cheer with the girls they call their sisters. Junior Ashlee Martin is one of those girls.

“I am trying out for the Varsity cheer team,” Martin says. “It’s good to see everyone who is trying out and I’m hoping that the team next year will be as strong as we are this year. I believe everyone who deserves to make the team will make it because everyone has worked really hard. I am really excited to see how everything turns out.”

Hard work and determination is also apparent for the upcoming Highstepper tryouts. These girls will perform a jazz dance and kick sequence in order to show their talent.

“I am trying out for Texas Highsteppers for my sophomore year,” freshman Leighton Weber said. “I am really excited and I think this year will be easier for tryouts because I know what to expect and what will go on.”

The Texas Highsteppers have acquired a new coach this year, Kristi Robinson. Improvements are shown and can be seen by anyone who watches the drill team do what they do best, dance.

“I’m hoping that next year we will be just as good and better than we were this year,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Krause. “We have progressed so much into a really good team. It will be fun to get the new girls used to the team, like how we had to our freshman year.”

As for the new girls who make the team, they are sure to be apart of a great dancing family.

“It will be fun to teach the new girls things and just to watch them progress throughout the year,” said Krause. “I’m really excited for this next year and tryout week.”