Memories in the making

Story by Madeline Hunley, news editor

Texarkana holds various events every year that each present a special story. Whether it is to raise money for a particular organization or encourage others to become involved in the community, each one is unique. This past Saturday on the 26th, the annual Maggie Cobb 5k was held at Texarkana A&M University. Over 200 people volunteered and walked or ran the route. Although it was a success and an event to remember, many people do not understand the actual story behind the Maggie Cobb 5k.

Only a few short years ago, Maggie Cobb was known as the little girl with the big heart. She was the one that always had something nice to say whether she knew you or not. Kind and most importantly caring to everyone she knew.

“We were in the same dance class when we were younger,” freshman Leighton Weber said. “Our families were friends so we used to play together as kids.”

Maggie was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma and passed in a short several months on June 24, 2010. The 5k memorial was started by her family and became a hit once the community began preparing for the day to come.

“My favorite part was crossing the finish line and feeling accomplished,” junior Caroline Thomas said. “I loved getting to run in the race for such a great cause.”

Since this was the second year for the event to be hosted at Texarkana A&M University, the run is still looked at as a new occasion for those who participate. Areas for children are set around the college as volunteers help sell t-shirts and work the various booths.

“I think the 5K is a good way to make sure that people will always remember Maggie,” Weber said. “It’s also a good way to be involved and do some community service.”

As the years go by, more people are sure to remember the lasting impact this event has left on them. It will continue for years to come as the people of Texarkana remember Maggie for the positive outlook she left on those she loved.