See you at the pole

Members of RPM, other patrons gathered around school flag for prayer ceremony


Photo by Kelsi Brinkmeyer

Students gather around the flagpole for the annual See You at the Pole event.

Story by Luke Smith, staff writer

Every year there is one particular day where up to millions of students across America gather around their school’s flagpole and pray for their school, classmates, country, and their own personal needs. Texas High has its own group of students that meet up around the school’s flagpole to pray for these same needs and continue to do so throughout the year.

Photo by Kelsi Brinkmeyer

This group of people is apart of a club called RPM, Revolutionary Prayer Movement, that is not exclusive and students can join if they just show up to pray. Members are not from a specific branch of Christianity that meets.

“It’s the Christian club on campus, we meet everyday at the flagpole at 8,” senior Shayla Green said. “We have a bible study every B-Day Wednesday.”

A group of student gather at the flagpole for the annual See You at the Pole event. Photo by Kelsi Brinkmeyer

The students do more than just pray. Their goal is to make a difference in people’s lives with prayer and lunch time bible studies, so people who want to learn more about The Lord or haven’t heard about Him can hear and grow in their relationship with Him.

“I want to see growth,” senior Calvin Anderson said. “I want to impact the school by doing something we don’t normally do.”

RPM lead ‘See you at the Pole’ today. Members also contribute outside of the school’s environment. They are planning service projects throughout the year.

“The blanket drive, we can do like a TNT sort of thing,” sophomore Yvonne Arias said. “We can do a coat drive or go to the nursing homes or something. We [have] to be kind and show love to them, show Jesus’ love.”