Tigers get foxy at Fan Fest

THS receives sports recognition at Fox Fan Fest to mark 100th anniversary

Story by Jillian Cheney, staff writer

Fox Sports and the Texarkana Convention Center came together Aug. 23 to host the Fox Fan Fest, an event for alumni and current students of Texas High and Arkansas High in honor of the game that marks its 100th anniversary this year.

“I’m excited for everyone to get together as one big Tiger family and support our football team who’ve been working hard all summer,” junior Alanna Tran said.

Multiple bands from Texarkana schools put on performances throughout the day and played a variety of music to enthuse the guests and prepare them for this year’s Texas vs. Arkansas week.

“We played a lot of our normal tunes for pep rallies and football games,” freshman Collin Runnels said. “It was definitely a cool experience being able to perform at something like this.”

In addition, the cheerleaders attended and supported the football team while they were interviewed about their upcoming fall season.

“We got to listen to Coach Norton and the football team and lead some chants,” sophomore Ellie Mohon said, “but my favorite part was probably listening to all the bands play.”

All around, spirits were high, and students shared what they were looking forward to most for Texas vs. Arkansas week.

“I’m excited for the game because I always love watching Texas High beat Arkansas High,” sophomore Hannah Hayes said.

The traditions followed today during Texas vs. Arkansas week have been taking place for decades now.

“I graduated in 1976, and you used to be able to do a lot of crazy stuff and nobody would get mad,” said Susan Waldrep, Student Council sponsor and Texas High alumna. “My senior year, one of the girls at Arkansas High had a brother who owned an airplane, and they dropped Razorbacks confetti on top of the football team in practice. Then they called and had us cheerleaders pick it up.”